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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Tucker is at Home with his Furever Family…SKOL!

Tucker arrived at Almost Home Foster & Rescue in May. He, along with his Momma, Silvie, and 4
siblings made the journey from Mount Sterling Ky. They had been found abandoned on the side of the
road. The pups were just a few weeks old at the time of their discovery. They were estimated to be 7
weeks old at the time of their arrival to rescue. The 5 babies were named Cody, Nora, Huxley, Carly, and
Tucker. One by one the babies left AHFK, finding their furever homes and families, until there were two
left…Cody and Tucker.

Well, this month, Tucker found his furever family with Emma. Emma lives in the large, family home with
her dad, and her brothers are but a stone’s throw away. Their entire family made the effort and time to
welcome Tucker to his new home and family.

Tucker enjoys Sunday afternoon football games with Emma’s dad John. He has a work-from-home pet
parent, and a family that adores him.


Emma sent this recent pupdate:  He’s become a family member very quickly, and we all adore him. He cries when he’s alone, so I’m thinking he adores us as well. Or he’s just an annoying baby… whatever it is! I have no issues to report, he is pretty perfect (my dad might tell you otherwise after getting his credit card chewed up this morning!)


Thank you, Emma and John, for giving this boy his furever family. We are furever grateful.

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