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MN License #132328
Dianne Snater
87080 County Road 46
Albert Lea MN 56007
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I am submitting this adoption agreement under the following terms:

AHFK Pup is micro-chipped. Once the adoption has been finalized, I agree that Almost Home Foster Kennels will remain as an alternate/Emergency contact with the microchip company.

AHFK pup will receive regular veterinary care, including but not limited to:

Annual veterinary visits that include the annual vaccinations of:

  • Bordetella, Dhlpp, Rabies (1 and 3-year)
  • Monthly HeartWorm prevention
  • Current Heartworm Preventative used: (see below),
  • Annual/Bi-annual HW testing, Monthly Flea and Tick prevention, Current Flea/Tick Preventative used:
  • (see below)

AHFK pup is not to be crated during the daytime hours for a period of any longer than 4 hours. Crating at night is standard and acceptable if so desired.

AHFK pup is to have access to the essentials: food, water, and shelter and to receive ample and adequate time outside.

If, at any time, you unable to care for, or to provide for AHFK pup, you will agree to notify Dianne Snater, and will surrender him/her back into her care.

You may have a trust or agreement that will provide for the dog, and if you are unable; please provide this information upon finalization of the adoption.

I agree NOT to give away, sell, or surrender to any shelter, pound, or individual the possession of AHFK Pup.**

Dianne Snater/Almost Home Foster Kennels agrees to accept back into rescue, regardless of time pass and circumstances, any dog that was adopted out under an Almost Home Foster Kennels agreement.

All vetting records, upon completed adoption requirements, will be disclosed to you.

Adopter(s) will keep the rescue dog/animal for as long as it shall live and will not transfer ownership under any circumstance.

The rescue dog/animal may not be transferred to any other person, firm, corporation, or organization for any reason, nor may the dog/animal be sold, traded or euthanized. If custody of the dog/animal must be relinquished during its lifetime, the dog/animal must be returned to Almost Home Foster Kennels, MN License #132328.**

The Adopter(s) take(s) the rescue dog/animal as is, with all defects, either observable or otherwise, and assume(s) full risk for the dog/animal from the signing date of this agreement.

Thorough care is given to the physical condition, temperament, and health of each dog/animal at the time of intake and acceptance into Almost Home Foster Kennels and during its stay while in foster. Every possible effort is made to provide the rescued dog/animal an environment that is compatible with the adopter’s home.

I am entering a two-week “sleep-over”, trial period with an AHFK pup. At the end of the two- week period, you will notify Dianne via phone/email their intent to complete the adoption process, or to return him/her.

Finalized adoption papers/or the notice to return can be submitted via email/text/private message. You may notify me at any time, within the two-week period, your intent to adopt or return.

As of the date of this agreement, the adopter(s) assume(s) responsibility of the dog’s actions and shall hold Almost Home Foster Kennels and its individual members FREE from all claims for personal injury, injury to others, and/or property damage associated with the adoption.

**Euthanasia, under the advisement and administration of a licensed veterinarian is acceptable when all other measures of pain management have been exhausted and the quality of life has been compromised.

**Transfer of ownership may occur if the adopting individual(s) find that they are unable to care for the animal in the manner they originally intended. Transfer may be in the form of a trust or he/she may be given to a family member, or trusted friend, who agrees to care for the dog in compliance with the terms of the adoption agreement.

I understand the terms of this adoption application/agreement and will comply with all terms of the agreement.

The $425.00 adoption fee is due prior to transport. You may pay by check, address is listed in the heading at the top of the page. If you prefer, you may Venmo the adoption fee @Dianne-Snater. We no longer accept Paypal. The rescue’s account was hacked and our funds were withdrawn. To date, we have yet to recover the money.

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Dianne Snater/Almost Home Foster Kennels

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