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Second Time Around Proves to be a Charm for LuLu and Her Furever Family

LuLu first arrived at Almost Home Foster & Rescue back in February of 2022.  She was quickly adopted.  Recently, the dynamics of the family changed, and LuLu became nervous, timid and went backwards in all of her training and skills.  The family felt it was best to remove her from her current situation and return her to rescue.  As with all of our adopted furbabies, regardless of time passed, or reason why, the furbaby is to be returned to us.


LuLu is a beautiful Blue Merle Mini-Aussie and Pomeranian mix.  She is timid and fearful when encountering new people, situations, and surroundings.  We needed to make sure that she would be placed in a home that was patient, quiet, gave her space to explore, yet was ready to help her when she needed it.


We nailed it!  LuLu has a senior fur-brother, Oakley, and a retired mom and dad who enjoy time with their furkids in their large, securely fenced yard that borders a golf course, plenty of stimulation on the other side of the fence.  LuLu’s timidness took over the first evening when she refused to come in from her yard.  I received the call from Chris that they had been trying to get her inside, it was cold and getting dark.  I said, use soft voices, get yourself low, and talk to her.  I was already donning my coat…I was heading back to the Metro area to help.  I had only gone 20 minutes when I received the text and a photo of Momma Peggy and LuLu sitting on the couch.  “She is in…she is safe.”


That is all it took for LuLu to trust Poppa Chris and Momma Peggy.  LuLu now knows that she is safe, and she is home.


Thank you, Chris and Peggy, for your patience and your love.  Thank you for giving LuLu the family, the home, the dynamics that she needs.


We are furever grateful.

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