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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Chloe’s “Catch Me if You Can” Game Came to an End When She Found Her Furever Home and Family

Chloe, along with 20 other furbabies was released from a local breeder who needed to downsize.  Almost Home Foster & Rescue was called, and we were asked to help.  AHFK has pulled many dogs from several southern states and when one in our own back yard needed help, we would not turn them away.

Chloe was the last of our breeder-released furbabies to find her furever home and family.  She was young.  She was unvaccinated, and she was unsocialized with humans.  It was a forever, “catch me if you can” game with Chloe.  Her greatest joy was running around the kitchen island, knowing we couldn’t keep up.  Her tail wagged the entire time, for it brought her great JOY!  And this made us smile.

We received a great number of applications and even more inquiries.  Because she was so unsocialized with humans, we knew the furever family needed to have at least one “stay-at-home” Pet Parent and was familiar with the breed.  We would be in absolute heaven if there was another fur-sibling and a securely fenced yard.  Chloe’s adopting family hit all four points.  It was exactly the home and family that Chloe needed.

Katherine, we are truly grateful that you opened your heart and home to Chloe.  You have given her everything that she needs and deserves.

Heart hugs.

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