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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Time Proves that the Right Family is Out There…Maggie Gets Her Family

Maggie was welcomed into rescue, into Almost Home Foster MN License 132328. Maggie, along with her daughter Molly, left West Virginia behind and set upon a two-day journey that covered 7 states, 15 drivers, and an overnight B & B, (Bed & Biscuit). Maggie gave up a lot for this trip. The only home and area that she knew, and once at rescue, she gave up her daughter; Molly was adopted soon after the completion of her vetting.
Maggie, needing another surgical procedure to correct an umbilical hernia, remained at rescue. Then, an awesome application came in and Maggie was going “Home” to her own furever family. Stress of change, new surroundings, new people and a new resident dog required extra time for her to acclimate, but it was not to be had and Maggie was returned.
Maggie acclimated right back into our home. The familiar dogs, all 30 of them. The structured routine and large play yards suited Maggie. But, she needed her own home and her own furever family. That is what rescue is all about.
And she did! Last weekend Maggie made the two-hour trip to the home of Kenneth and Cheryl. Maggie was greeted by Cheryl and the two bonded almost immediately. Kaden, the elderly Westie ventured out to meet his new fur sister, but quickly retreated. The stress of a new environment took over, however, Maggie’s new furever momma settled the situation, took both Kayden and Maggie for a long walk, allowed them equal loves and attention and in less than 24 hours…
Hi, Diane,
Maggie slept in bed with my husband last night with no accidents … a really good girl. She tries her best to please, except when it comes to food; then her instincts overwhelm her!
So far she’s easily integrated into the family. We did two walks with both dogs and this seemed to put them on equal footing. And Maggie is fascinated and gentle with the cats!
We couldn’t be more happy with Maggie! She is precious to the bone and seems to love my husband, my son and me equally! Isn’t that the way of divine love? She loves the cats and after the first day, no more growls at Kaden. They walk joyfully together as if she’s always been here. Our Sadie translated (died) on June 22. I noted Maggie arrived at Almost Home on June 21…coincidence? I think not. She is most certainly a loving soul.
Thank you most sincerely for all your love and protection of these dear ones who add so much to Life!
In Joy,
Thank you, Cheryl and Kenneth, for opening your hearts and home to Maggie. Thank you for allowing her time to acclimate. Thank you for giving her a family.

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