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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Patience Pays Off for Lucy and Molly; A Furever Home Together

There is that moment, at the time of an adoption, when I must walk away.  There are those furbabies that I have sobbed over, and I had an extremely difficult time walking out the door.  Mayci was one of those adoptions.  There are those that I linger over the “goodbye” and I will truly miss them, but I realize that this is what I signed up for.  Then there are those times that I nearly sprint for the door as they have proven to be a challenge for me.  Then, there are those like last night.  The furbaby, or furbabies in this case, are so into their new environment,  and so comfortable with their furever family that it appears as if they are smiling at me, they walk away from me with that smug, “Loser” look.  I swear Lucy conveyed that to me as she entered the “Beagle Hunting Ground” specifically laid out for the Beagles by their new mom and dad.
Lonnie and Lea have made it their mission to adopt bonded pairs, senior and needy pairs.  Their application was initially for Molly only since Lucy was already listed as pending.  But they reached out and asked if there was anyway, I could bring both.  I spoke with the other family and being the “let’s do right by the furbaby” family that they are, Lucy made the trip with Molly.
Almost Home Foster Kennels MN Lic. 132328 took Molly and Lucy into rescue nearly 6 months ago.  Molly is the extrovert, Lucy the introvert, always looking for Molly, needing Molly to lead the way.  But last night, when the girls discovered their “Beagle Hunting Ground,” a 4’ swatch of long grasses and a prairie-like field, outlining the inside perimeter of their fenced yard, Lucy’s tail went up and wagged.  She was in her element.  She had a hunting ground, she was able to do what a Beagle is bred to do and innately so.  She smiled at me one last time and entered paradise.
Thank you Lonnie and Lea for giving these girls back their world, for opening your hearts and home to Molly and Lucy.  We are furever grateful.  This is exactly where they needed to be with the absolute perfect family!

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