Almost Home Foster Kennels

Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

We Toodled to the South for Our 2nd Doodle Adoption of the Day!

Our second adoption for the day toodled us South to Eastern Iowa where Kyle, Kerrie’s brother found his home and family.
Mike and Annemarie are no strangers to the Golden Retriever breed.  Benny, a Senior Golden, is the current resident of their household and is the perfect host and mentor for a young Golden, such as Kyle, to learn from.  The two hit it off immediately, and Kyle was extremely comfortable with his newly acquired mom and dad.
After our standard adoption process, I was escorted to the nearest gas station where Mike, Kyle’s new dad, filled my gas tank before sending me on my way.  And, a very public Kyle let everyone at the station know that he had the best dad and was quick to send me on my way.
Thank you Mike and Annemarie for giving this boy a home and a family.  Heart hugs!

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