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Dennis and Jan Define “Repeat Adopter” as Zellia Finds Her Furever Family

Repeat Adopter Definition:
​One who has so much love to give that multiple adoptions are needed to complete one’s family.
Yeah, I made that up…but it is true.
Dennis and Jan adopted Sadie from Almost Home Foster MN Lic. 132328 last November. We made the 4.5-hour trip North, near the shores of Lake Superior…beautiful – God’s Country. AHFK Alumni Sadie was a two-time Craig’s list give away. She is a challenge, most Beagles are, but Dennis and Jan adopted Sadie, along with all her quirks and Beaglisms.
Recently, however, they found that Sadie was missing her playmate Boo, who recently left us. Jan found that a lot of life and spark was missing from their lives, their home, their spirit. They contacted AHFK in hopes of finding a furbaby that would put that spark and energy back into their lives, give Sadie a run for her money in the play yard, and could help sooth the pain of their recent loss of Boo.
Zellia…. Zellia could do all that and more. Zellia is a 5-year-old Boston Terrier who was recently released from breeding.
Upon arrival, Zellia headed to the fenced yard and ran Zoomies with Sadie, giving Sadie an absolute aura of joy. Then onto the lap of Jan for cuddles, hugs, and kisses. Zellia, nka Dottie, has found her home and her furever family.
Zellia, now Dottie, has come to our place to live. She is a breeder release Boston Terrier, so she doesn’t know much about the world outside of being a Momma. She is very sweet, full of kisses and LOVES to be cuddled.
Thank you once again Jan and Dennis for opening your hearts and home to another AHFK furbaby.
Heart hugs!

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