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Sophie Will be Hittin’ the Trails with her Furever Momma…Kinda’ an Outdoorsy Type

Sometimes the rescue weekend starts early. Sometimes it starts on Wednesday. And that is exactly how this weekend started. Of course, I still had to go to my real job, the job that nets me a paycheck, the one that allows me to do rescue, but afterward the clock is punched, it’s all about the dogs.
Sophie was welcomed into rescue, into Almost Home Foster and Rescue as a breeder release. Sophie is a small King Cavalier/Poodle mix, a Cavapoo if you will. Sophie was now being given the chance to find her own family and furever home, and Wednesday evening, she did just that.
Cathleen was looking for a small dog as she lived in an apartment. Her previous furbaby had passed 10 years earlier and of course, as we all know, it just isn’t home without a four-legged furbaby running the floors. AHFK was able to fill the void in Cathleen’s home and heart.
Life will hold weekends of hiking and adventures.  As part of her Momma’s backpack, her first weekend adventure was hiking.
Sophie, life’s journey is just beginning baby-girl. Nothing but the best for you now.
Cathleen, thank you for opening your heart and home to Sophie. Thank you for giving her the family she deserves.

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