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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Rescues Working Together…

Rescue is NOT and should NOT be considered a competitive sport. It is for the animals. It is for something bigger than oneself. It is not about you on a personal level, or about your organization. It is ALL about the dog, the cat, the reptile…whatever needs saving. Rescue is ALL about finding the best possible home, lifestyle, family, or outcome for the one without a voice.
Tiffanie came to us as a breeder-release nearly three months ago. Granted, getting her in for her full dental, vaccinations, spay procedure took some time, however, Tiffanie found herself in foster care at the rescue a little longer than we anticipated it should take. She had a few adoption inquiries, but nothing ever panned out for her; no applications were received.
Tiffanie is very social. Her “come” recall was amazing. Her desire to be held, loved, cuddled and pampered was amazing. She interacted with all humans, initiated the approach, and was well socialized with all dogs here at rescue.
We could not do her justice, however. We could not find a home worthy of her. We swallowed the rescue pride and contacted another rescue asking for help. Northwest Minnesota Aussie Rescue, located in Ada Minnesota has helped us with Aussies in the past and those puppers were placed almost immediately into their furever homes with their furever families. We turned, once again, and asked Brenda for help.
Yesterday, Brenda and I met in Maple Grove and I transferred Tiffanie over to Northwest Minnesota Aussie Rescue. I had a heavy heart and yes, I cried. If we could keep them all, or even one more, I would have chosen Tiffanie, but room was needed for others and Tiffanie deserved much more than what rescue foster can give.
Tiffanie, you are golden, girl. Give them all your best shine! Brenda, thank you for taking on yet another. Thank you for looking out for my girl. We look forward to seeing her posted as “HOME!”

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