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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Apollo’s Family Finds that They are Ready to Love Again.

Apollo came to Almost Home Foster & Rescue as part of a packaged deal.  Apollo, along with his three siblings, his momma, and grand momma, surrendered to rescue.  Apollo watched as his family members, one by one were adopted and moved on with their new families and enjoyed new adventures and homes…their homes.  It didn’t take long however, and Apollo had an adoption application worthy of him.


We all know the heartache of losing a furbaby.  It is heart wrenching, and the grief is intense.  Patti and Al had recently lost their furbaby of 15 ½ years.  That kind of loss takes time; time to grief, time to allow the heart to heal, time to allow a thought process to begin to open up the heart and allow another in.  Their time had come, and they were ready; they knew that by giving another their heart, a home, a family, they would be doing justice to the one they lost.  They wanted Apollo.


Apollo with have all the attention and quality time that he has coming to him.  Both Al and Patti are retired and love nothing more than to dote and pamper their new family member.


Thank you, Al and Patti for allowing another into your hearts and home.  Thank you for giving Apollo and family.

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