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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Guerin Sees the USA…

One year for Christmas, I received a game called “See the USA.” I loved that game. Due to the financial status of our family, and its size, we weren’t able to travel and see the sights that the United States had to offer. This game gave me an escape to “travel” the USA if only in my head. It wasn’t until I became involved in rescue that I began to travel and to see some of the iconic sights that the United States had to offer. Guerin, a stray found in the Charleston SC area back in October of 2023, saw more of the United States in his two-week journey to his furever home and family, than I have seen in 65 years or many have experienced in a lifetime.
Guering traveled from the Atlantic Ocean coastline to the Pacific Northwest – from South Carolina to the state of Oregon, stopping in Minnesota for a two-week layover.
Pamela and Ed, founders of North Bay Beagle Rescue retired their rescue approximately 6 years ago, however, their desire to help those without a voice never waivered. Their love for the hound-dog is second to none. Almost Home Foster & Rescue have helped Pamela and Ed secure two female hounds out of the SC region twice last year – Foxy and May, now, they were adding Guerin to their family and AHFK was there to help.
Thank you, once again, Ed and Pamela for opening your hearts and home to yet another hound, once discarded and abandoned, and taken in by two amazing Samaritans – Becky and Heather – who made him healthy and whole, he will now experience having his “very own family.”

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