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Double the Pleasure with a Double Adoption – Callie and Cookie Share a Home and Family

When an application is received, processed, and all the boxes are checked, then and only then do we at Almost Home Foster & Rescue schedule a meet and greet. This time, the procedure was backwards. We were contacted by Paul and Julie. They would be traveling in the Albert Lea area on Thursday and, “if we could just stop by and visit with Callie and Cookie?” “Sure, why not?” This isn’t a practice that our insurance company allows, but for convenience…just this once.
The visit went really well. Cookie adapted to Julie almost immediately. Callie, a reserved Pomeranian would venture over for a tickle under the chin occasionally – a good sign for Callie. At the end of the visit, Julie looked at me and said, “We would like to adopt both. Can we?” My jaw dropped and I am sure it looked like feeding time at the zoo.
I needed an application, I said. She filled it out online while sitting on the ground in my front yard. I need to check your references, check with your veterinarian’s office, I need a home check…
Again, all the boxes were checked. References – Checked! Veterinarian Reference – Checked! Home Visit – Checked!
On Friday afternoon, Callie and Cookie, together, made their journey to their furever home and are now with their furever family. Each pupper found their favorite human and their family consists of chickens, ducks and cats. Farm living at its grandest.
Thank you, Paul and Julie for opening your hearts and home to these two little girls. Thank you for giving them a family.

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