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Peppy Le’ Poop Finds a Comforting Lap with His Furever Family

Awwww…… Peppy Le’ Poop, Peppy for short.  This little guy tugged at my heart, so much so, that I had made up my mind that he would remain with Dave and me.  We had lost our little Chi a little over a year ago and the loss, the pain is still so fresh.  Peppy with his Chihuahua antics and characteristics helped ease a great deal of that loss.  But, Peppy liked to “run the roost” and in doing so he would place himself in harms way….


Jason and Stephanie were also feeling the loss.  They also lost their little Chi recently.  They were well aware of the traits and characteristics of the Chihuahua breed; their Napoleon Syndrome/Little Man Syndrome.  They had originally applied for another Chi mix, Freddie, however, he was no longer available.  We had some discussions about Peppy and once his photo reached them…they were in love.


Peppy ventured to his new home and family this past week.  Between Grandpa Mark, Momma Stephanie, Poppa Jason and his hooman-siblings, Peppy will never be alone.  He has one fur-sister to help guide him into his new, daily routine.


Thank you to this entire family for opening their hearts and home to Peppy.  Thank you for giving him all that he deserves and needs to remain safe and loved.  We are furever grateful.

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