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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Greta, Follows Her Twin’s Paw-Prints and Lands Her Furever Home and Family

Twins are fascinating. Identical twins embody the visual doubling of a single human, which often calls to mind ideas of cloning. The psychic component of twins suggests that one can complete the other’s thoughts, that they feel the same thing and that, in effect, they are one single human being in two separate bodies. This is not only true of humans, but also of our four-legged furbabies.  And, Hansel and Greta are prime examples of this.

Hansel and Greta came to Almost Home Foster & Rescue MN back in June of this year.  And true to each other, their traits and characteristics mimicked one another, even when they were adopted.  Hansel was adopted the last week of November, and Greta, never far behind, was adopted the first weekend in December.

Josiah and Stephanie had recently lost their Beagle to cancer.  We all know and have experienced that loss.  Their house was a lot quieter, although two small toddlers lived there.  The big backyard seemed empty and the daily greeting by a tail-wagging, four-legged furbaby was the hardest to swallow.

Greta was welcomed with open arms.  Her little human not far her as she sniffed and explored her new home.

Thank you, Josiah and Stephanie, for opening your hearts and home to this little girl.  Thank you for being her family.

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