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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Donut Quickly Found His Furever Home and Family

Sara, nka Soda Pop, came into Almost Home Foster & Rescue pregnant.  Kaitlin Doubleday adopted Sara under our Foster to Adopt program.  The pups were born in September and are active and eating on their own.  The pups will also be adopted under our Foster to Adopt Program, a requirement since they are too young to neuter.


Last weekend, the first of Soda’s three babies went to his furever home and family.  In respecting the family’s right to privacy, we have captured Donut with his furever Momma Emily.  Donut also has a furever dad and two hooman-siblings.


To Emily and your family, thank you for giving this little guy a home and a family.


We are furever grateful.


Kaitlin Doubleday…you were our savior!  Thank you for taking this enormous feat on….I am furever grateful my friend.

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