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Dianne Snater
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Wait…Wait…Wait….NOW! Hansel Finds the Perfect Family and Home.

I am often accused of glomming onto a dog for an excessive amount of time.  I beg to differ.  I believe that I may keep a dog at rescue longer than what might be considered normal because I need to ensure that I have found the perfect family for every furbaby that we have in rescue.  And, judging by Hansel’s reaction…I believe we got this one right.
Ron and Joan recently lost their furbaby to cancer.  This left a huge hole in their hearts and an empty feeling in their home.  Their desire to fill the void in their lives set them on the path to adoption.  They wanted to be a part of rescue, to give one that had endured hardship a chance at the good life; a life of homemade food, walks, snuggles, and Summers filled with camping.  They wanted to share their adventures and life with Hansel.
A short 1.5 hour drive brought Hansel to his furever home and family yesterday.  Hansel, a little Blue-tick Beagle/Terrier mix is just 9 months of age and full of energy and ready for adventure.  And, with Momma Joan, a stay-at-home mom with a zest for adventure and living the wholesome, good life herself…well, this pairing couldn’t have gone sweeter.
Thank you, Ron and Joan, for giving this little guy an opportunity for his furever home and family.  Thank you for opening your hearts and home to him.  We are furever grateful.

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