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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Logan Gave Up Chickens for a Furever Home and Family

Logan, formerly called Joker, was sentenced to life outside.  This little 12# nugget was suspected of killing a chicken and his owner wanted him gone…RIGHT NOW!  This little guy didn’t have a home or family to speak of.  He didn’t experience love, cuddles, compassion –  he got a yard.  A fenced yard with no one to spend time with and nothing to do…but chase chickens.


Laura Maddox saw the “free” posting, an absolute horror for any dog, but especially for these littles.  Almost Home Foster MN License was contacted immediately.  “If I can find a foster, can you take him into rescue Dianne?”  Laura found a foster and we made the arrangements to finish his vetting and get him on transport.


AHFK posted Logan as available, and even before he left the state of West Virginia we knew he had a family waiting for him.  Leslie and Andrew had been scanning social media, watching the postings of available pups for the past four years.  But, when they happened upon Logan’s posting and discovered that this little JRT mix needed a home, they submitted their application; the only application that they have ever submitted.  They knew that Logan belonged with them.


Logan made his way to his new home and into the hearts of Leslie and Andrew.  The Easter bunny made a delivery one day early for this loving, compassionate family.  Andrew was even showing Logan, now called Dennis, how to run down the long hallway of his new home.  That it was okay to kick up his heels.


Thank you, Leslie and Andrew, for giving this little boy the family he deserves, the home he can live in and for loving him.  We are forever grateful.

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