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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

From Puppy Mill to Furever Home

From Puppy Mill to Furever Home, Lexi just nailed it!
Lexi was released to Almost Home Foster MN License #132328 from a local breeder. This happy, tail-wagging, energetic, friendly little girl was unlike so many of the the releases that we take into rescue. We learned that one of the shelter staff had taken the time each day to take her from her crate, comb her, talk to her, cuddle her. Her socialization skills were far beyond what we had previously encountered. Lexi was a happy girl.
It didn’t take long for the applications to come pouring in, and did they. With Lexi, we needed a family that was going to keep up with that energy, keep her busy and entertained, as well as love, cuddle and cherish her. We found that perfect family: Greg, LizAnne, and the girls, and a fur-sister to boot!
Although Lexi had not been leashed trained, she took right to it when she saw her fur-sister Callie workin’ it. Not only the leash, but with patience and praise, she was pottying out side when her sister did, and within the week she conquered Mount Everest…Okay, the stairs, all by herself!
Lexi, not a better family could we have found for you. Stay at home parents, hooman-sisters for fun and play, and a fur-sister to show you the way! Life is grand!
Thank you Greg and LizAnne for giving this little one a chance, a home, and a furever family!

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