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Louise: Celebrating National Beagle Day!

How did you celebrate National Beagle Day? Did you take your Beagle for a walk? A Run? A Hike? Did you visit the local Caribou, Starbucks, Ice Cream Parlor and treat your fur-baby to a Pup-acciono, or an ice cream treat? Or, did you take a long car ride. or just spend some quality time cuddling and loving?
Or, did you go above and beyond on National Beagle Day? The ultimate, the Grand Marshall Parade of it all…Did you Adopt a Beagle on National Beagle Day? Well, Dave and Diane did! Louise, formerly of Nicholas County Animal Shelter in West Virginia was adopted on National Beagle Day!
Louise came in with her sister Thelma in early December. Because she tested light positive on her Heartworm test she was delayed in her availability for adoption. With treatment and the rest of her vetting complete, she was ready for her furever home and family.
Yesterday, on National Beagle Day, Louise made the 5+ hour trip North to her furever family. Dave’s first response when he laid eyes on her was, “She is beautiful.” And Duncan, her elderly fur-brother was quick to greet and welcome her home.
Thank you Dave and Diane for opening your heart and home to Louise. We are truly grateful.

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