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From the Atlantic to the Pacific….May Travels Coast to Coast to Find Her Furever Home & Family

Once upon a time…Yepper, that is how long Pamela Rosenthal and me have been in cahoots – been acquaintances, fought for animal rights, health, and welfare, and worked together in rescue.
Our first encounter was through the Beagle Freedom Project; Campaign Identity Program.  Together, with hundreds of others, we advocated for the information and then the release of the Beagles and Hounds that were being used for laboratory testing and experimentation in the colleges and universities throughout the US.  We found however, that typically we were too late, we were advocating for a Beagle that had already been euthanized.  That is when, with the help of others; Rebecca Neff Pugh, Karen Musselman Sellner, Kelly Mackey, Patti and Rick Richardson, Erica Leary, Sarah Mews, and many others, formed a tight-knit bond, pulling dogs from shelters and pounds throughout the south and getting them to Minnesota to be vetted and readied for transport to California…to Rescue for North Bay Beagles, a Beagle rescue founded and operated by Pamela Rosenthal.  Hundreds of Beagles and Beagle-mixes were saved using this network of individuals.
In January of 2016 Pamela asked me to be the Intake Coordinator for her rescue.  We had another 2.5 years of pulling and saving Beagles from the south.  Then, due to health-related issues, Pamela was not able to continue.  Almost Home Foster Kennels applied for, and obtained a license and 501c3 status, changing our role from foster to rescue.
Although unable to continue with the full aspect of rescue, Pamela and Ed still stay involved.  Pamela has always had a love for the senior hound.  A year ago, she had Almost Home Foster pull Charlene, nka, Foxy from the Colleton County Animal Shelter in Walterboro, SC.  5-days of transport, 3 overnight B&B stays (Bed & Biscuits) and a week-long staycation at Almost Home Foster/Rescue.
On July 1, of this year, Almost Home Foster Rescue secured rescue tag for May, another Colleton County jail-bird.  Again, after 5 days of travel, 39 drivers, a week-long staycation at AHFK/rescue, and 3 separate B&B stays, May landed the perfect furever home and family with Pamela and Ed.
Pamela could not have been happier.  May is everything and more, adding so much joy and meaning to her life.
Thank you, Ed and Pamela, for giving this girl a life she has longed for and deserves.  Only the best for this baby-girl.
Heart Hugs Always ❤

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