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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Abandoned in West Virginia, Molly Finds her Furever Home and Family in Iowa

Molly and her Momma, Maggie made their way from Summersville WV to Almost Home Foster/Rescue in Minnesota.  Molly, a Mini-Me version of her momma, sat in her momma’s shadow.  Maggie, the Extrovert, and Molly, the Introvert.
Maggie was made available for adoption upon the completion of her vetting.  We wanted Molly to acclimate to life without momma before sending her on her way to her furever home and family.  However, that wasn’t the case.  Nikkii and Brian had their application in for Maggie, but when the time came to ready Maggie for her meet and greet with the family, we discovered a small hernia that was near her spay incision.  We spoke with Brian and Nikkii and informed them of their options.
Brian and Nikkii wanted to meet Molly.  Molly and I made the 2+ hour trip South.  Molly, a reserved, kind-of-shy girl, did great with the kids and the cats.  She instantly made her way to Brian’s side on the couch.  She never looked back at me.  Molly felt safe here.
We received an update a couple days later, “Molly is doing great!”
Thank you to Brian and Nikkii and their family for opening their hearts and home to Molly; for allowing this girl a furever home and family.
Heart Hugs ❤

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