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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Boston T Party…Nets Panda, (Louie) His Home and Family!

Sara, nka Soda Pop, came to Almost Home Foster  MN License #132328 rescue as a breeder-release.  At the time that she came to us in August, it was suspected that she might be pregnant.  Vet checks and imagining confirmed that she was.
As you may remember, Kaitlin Doubleday adopted Soda Pop and arrived in Minneapolis, where we met and had coffee before she took Soda back home to California.  Soda delivered her babies on 09.29.2023.  She had three little boys.  Kaitlin and her young son, cared for and named three pups: Donut, Panda, and Mugsy.
Kaitlin Doubleday fostered and cared for these babies.  Then she took on the task of screening and interviewing potential adopters.  All three of these beautiful Boston Terrier pups have been adopted and are in a foster to adopt program with their furever families.
Brent and Sarah fell hard and fast for Panda, now known as Louie.
“He is doing so great at our house! He is a complete angel and loves to snuggle up with me. We did a very slow introduction with our cats. Louie still thinks they all want to play! But they’ve all seemed to adjust surprisingly well!
We are so happy we welcomed Louie into our family and hearts! I already couldn’t imagine life without him. 

We are SO in love with him, he’s the sweetest most loving puppy!”

Thank you Brent and Sarah for opening your hearts and home to these babies.

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