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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Even Baby Steps are Steps Forward…Roxanne’s Challenges are Adventures in Disguise!

Roxanne came to Almost Home Foster  MN License #132328 via a breeder-release.  Although she had been socialized with other dogs and humans, both adults and children, Roxanne still fears the great outdoors.
Linda is an avid walker and hiker and has always had a four-legged companion that she enjoyed sharing these adventures with.  The loss of her hiking companion hit hard and deep.  Time tends to heal and Linda began searching for another companion to share her adventures with.
Roxanne, we are discovering, is needing to overcome some fears of the outdoors and is taking baby steps to combat these obstacles, but she is progressing.  With the help of Kerrie Hoar, Certified Trainer/founder and owner of Crimson Hounds, she is gaining confidence with the suggested training activities.
Roxanne you have the best; you have struck gold – baby girl.  You got this!
Thank you Linda for giving this girl the chance that she deserves, for opening your heart and home to her, for giving her family.

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