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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Now it’s Silvie’s Turn…The Greatest Christmas Gift of All – a Home and a Family

I pulled over and parked at the curb.  The date, December 26, the day after Christmas.  The date that Silvie was finally going home, home to her furever family.  I exited the vehicle and stepped up onto the curb, opening the back, passenger door and giving aid to Silvie as she exited the car.  I turned and faced Silvie’s new home.  A small child was peering out through the curtains.  I smiled and waved.  The curtains were thrown into the air, and I read the lips of this small child, “Silvie’s here!”

Silvie, along with her 5, 3-week-old babies were abandoned and found on the side of the road in Kentucky.  They were taken in by Janice Morriss, loved and cared for until a rescue could be found.  Almost Home Foster Kennels of MN had room and we were able to secure transport and get the entire family to MN, to rescue.

Silvie was a great mom.  This little 24# Beagle raised her babies, trusted us to find great homes for all of them, then it was her turn to leave.  Silvie found her family with Brittaney and Trevor and their daughter.  Silvie also has two fur-sisters; both Seniors, but who will help her find her routine.  And Brittaney works from home.  Silvie will never be abandoned again.

We are truly grateful to Trevor and Brittaney for opening their hearts and home to Silvie.  To her little hooman-sister who was already putting Silvie’s bed together, “in her room.”  Thank you for giving Silvie the ultimate Christmas gift, a home, and a family.


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