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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Zoozie is the Bee’s Knees, the Prettiest of the Pretty Girls in Her Furever Home

Zoozie means:

                The prettiest of the pretty girls.  “She’s the bee’s knees, a real Zoozie!”

Zoozie, a popular term used in the 1920s Flapper Era sure rung true with our own Zoozie Beagle.  With one striking blue eye and one brown, Zoozie was definitely the “Prettiest of the Pretty Girls.”

Zoozie was discovered running at will in Beaver WV.  Fearing that she would be struck, and killed, on the nearby highway, Kayla and Matt Dillow were able to secure Zoozie and in no time at all, were able to find her owners.  However, unable to secure her, they didn’t want her and gave her to Matt and Kayla.  Probably the most unselfish act that they could have taken.

Zoozie made her way to Minnesota, to Almost Home Foster and Rescue and in a very short time, found herself in the hearts and home of Jeff and Ann-Marie.  Jeff and Ann-Marie are long-time Beagle owners and just recently lost their Riley girl of 18 years.  We all know the size of hole that these losses cause.  And, although we will never replace one that has crossed the bridge, we know that opening our hearts and home to another in need is just what their Riley girl would want.

Thank you, Jeff and Ann-Marie, for finding room in this difficult time to allow another one into your hearts and home.  We are furever grateful.

Zoozie-girl, you are golden.

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