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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Chopper’s Disability Couldn’t Stop Him as He Found His Furever Home and Family


Chopper was welcomed into Almost Home Foster and Rescue.  He was a breeder-release.  He was released with three siblings and his momma.  Momma, shortly after their birth, preceded to chew his foot off; hence, the name Chopper.  But this little disability didn’t stop this little guy, it didn’t even slow him down.


Jessica once had a black Pomeranian/Poodle mix.  She had lost him nearly 10 years ago.  Jessica was never quite ready to open her heart to another, she still mourned for her.  As a ten-year-old, Jessica had saved her allowance until she could purchase her first furbaby, Ebi.  She had her for 15 years.  But now, she was ready to love again.  She saw Chopper’s posting on one of the venues that AFHK uses and filled out the application immediately.  Chopper had caught her heart.


This past weekend AHFK logged 1245 miles delivering furbabies to their furever homes and families.  Little Chopper, all 8# of him made his way home.  Nestled in a beautiful, wooded area with a lake just “across the way” Chopper scored a picturesque area with a furever family, complete with a hooman-brother and a fur-brother.


Kyle and Jessica, we are furever grateful that you opened your hearts and home to this little boy.  Thank you for giving him the family he deserves.

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