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We Duo-Doodled this Weekend – Bud Found His Furever Home and Family

Three Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix pups were released to Almost Home Foster & Rescue.  These three brothers, triplets, were three fun-loving, energetic, ready for play, but loved to snuggle kind-of boys.  All three had a beautiful, “party-poodle” coat.  All three boys were adopted quickly and now, all three have made it to their furever home and family.


Bud, the last of the three brothers made his way to his family and home this past weekend.


Brian and Wendy and their two children, now adults, have been doodling since 2006 when they welcomed their first Labrador/Standard Poodle mix.  They have loved this mixed breed ever since.  Dooey, their current Doodle, is 8.  He lost his fur-sister, Addie at the age of 16 ½, back in April of 2022.  Life became a lot quieter…a lot melancholier.  Life just wasn’t the same.  Nor was it the same for the humans in the family.


This back weekend we second our doodling and introduced Bud to his new family and to his new fur-brother.  Dooey, stood in awe as Bud challenged him with his toys, took his throwing balls, and lapped up the love and cuddles from the family.  The first update came in soon after his arrival:


Buddy is acclimating well and challenging Dooey, taking his ball and checking our everything in the house.  His is soooo sweet!!!  The kids love him!


Thank you Brian and Wendy for opening your hearts and home to Bud.  Thank you for giving him a family.


Brian…I hope you enjoyed the V-game!

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