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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Another Doodling Weekend and Bob doodled his Way into His Family’s Heart.

Three Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix pups were released to Almost Home Foster & Rescue.  These three brothers, triplets, were three fun-loving, energetic, ready for play, but loved to snuggle kind-of boys.  All three had a beautiful, “party-poodle” coat.  All three boys were adopted quickly and now, all three have made it to their furever home and family.


Sam, Bob, and Bud are living life as they should, and their families could not be happier.  Bob story takes him to what I call, “God’s Country,” near my old college-days stomping ground.  I have had the privilege enjoying the scenery here twice in the last two months.


Bob’s family has always had the Labrador and Retriever breeds.  They have trained and cherished them.  They are family and they are treated as such.  I watched as Brandon, Bob’s new Poppa, welcomed him into the family, bringing tears to his new momma’s eyes.  Toys and bedding were already purchased, and plans were in the making for a leisurely walk around the 36 acre homestead.


Bob took to his new momma immediately.  Sitting at her feet, waiting for her direction.  Bob is right where he should be.  Bob is home.


Thank you Brandon and Amber for giving this boy a home, an incredible family, and a life he will enjoy.


Heart hugs.

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