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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Tossed out Like Trash, Feller is now Another’s Cherished Treasure

“This lil’ feller is so small and skinny.”  That is the description used by Kayla Dillow, AHFK foster, to describe the Beagle that had wandered upon a home located at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in West Virgina.  It was first suspected that this little guy was a senior, an elderly gent that had been cast away when he was no longer able to keep up with the hunting pack.  His arthritic movements and lethargic disposition confirmed that.

Feller, I like that name.  We shall call him Feller.

Kayla examined him more closely.  His teeth are really white for an old guy.  But he is so arthritic.  He has a hard time getting around; just wants to lay around…   “Sounds like Lyme’s disease to me.  Let’s get him in for a 4DX test right away.”

Sure enough, Feller was Lyme’s Positive and very symptomatic.  He was started on Doxycycline immediately.  However, after completing the 30-day regiment, the symptoms returned.  A full blood panel was ordered.  It appeared that Feller had a resistance to Doxy…Clavamox was no ordered up.

Feller made the journey to Minnesota, to Almost Home Foster/Rescue.  Feller was a transport favorite amongst the drivers.  One of our frequent drivers, Brenda, stated that she was surprised when her husband Stan delivered Feller to the next driver instead of turning for, and heading home with him.

On Monday, Feller continued his journey when he found his furever home and family.  Beautiful area for long walks, a secure, fenced yard, a retired Pet Parent and Momma who will spend the days with him, loving and cuddling him and a dad who is an avid walker.  The neighborhood is filled with possible playdates, and a beautiful parkway just down the road.

Feller, once discarded like trash, a throwaway, is now loved, cherished and will receive nothing but the best in life; to be considered family.

Thank you Ed and Linda for opening your hearts and home to this lil’ Feller.

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