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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Dumped on the Side of the Road in Kentucky, Nora now has a Grand Home in Iowa

Nora, along with 4 of her siblings and her momma were discovered in Mount Sterling KY, located in Montgomery County.  They were abandoned and left to fend for themselves.  They didn’t stand a chance.  They would never survive a Kentucky-based animal shelter; Beagles were a dime-a-dozen.  Parvo and other diseases are a constant threat to an unvaccinated dog, and certain death to a puppy.

Without the help of a couple of area Great Samaritans; Janice Morriss Miles and Pat Henry, this little family would have become another statistic.  Janice took this family in and fostered until a rescue stepped up.  Almost Home Foster Kennels saw the posting and stepped up.  The pups and momma were vetted and readied for transport.

Momma Silvie, and her troupe, Tucker, Cody, Nora, Carly, and Huxley journeyed to Minnesota, to Almost Home Foster/Rescue.  In due time, they were vetted, vaccinated and were eligible for AHFK’s Foster to Adopt Program.

Yesterday, Nora travelled from AHFK to her furever home and family.  She was welcomed by her human parents, of which dad works from home, so always available for cuddles and playtime.  Her momma was thrilled to have another little one in the home.  She has a large fur-sibling, Penny, who took over a maternal instinct, and a fur-brother Snickers, who surprised all when he whole-heartedly accepted Nora without one snarky snip.  Nora also gained a human-brother who lives just down the road a spell.

Thank you, Brent and JoAnne, for opening your hearts and home to Nora, for giving her everything that she deserves, her own family.


Heart hugs to all!


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