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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Ruby Fills the Hole in the Hearts of Mikkael and Laura

Ruby was welcomed into rescue at Almost Home Foster & Rescue.  She came to us by way of Oklahoma.  Foster Momma Felicia had been contacted and asked to take pups from an unwanted litter.  They were Chi mixes, she was told.

We met in Kansas City MO and it was apparent that little Ruby was anything but a Chihuahua breed.  She was a 12-week-old, beautiful blue-nosed Pittie mix.  Man was she beautiful.  We took her in, even though my insurance company is ignorant of breeds, training, and their needs, and they discriminate against certain breeds.  We knew that Ruby needed to be kept safe and secure.
Kris Adams, AHFK Board Member, Foster Momma, and extremely knowledgeable on the Bully and Pittie breeds felt it best if she were fostered in the Denver area with her.  Ruby made the trip to Colorado.
AHFK has a phenomenal Transport Coordinator, Michelle Zdybicki.  We also have a menagerie of dedicated, volunteer drivers that safely and securely transport our furbabies to our foster homes, and/or to their furever homes and families.  One of our loyal transporters, husband and wife team Mikkael and Laura signed up for two legs of transport and would drop little Ruby with our Foster Momma Kris.  It took just two legs for Laura to fall in love.
Laura and Mikkael had recently suffered the loss of two of their Pittie furbabies.  They were crushed.  They were still grieving and pouring their hearts and souls into helping furbabies “get home,” was a small sense of healing for them.  Little did they think that Ruby would weasel so fast and hard into that hole in their hearts.
This past weekend, Ruby went Home.  This past weekend, Ruby joined the pack, the home, and the family of Mikkael and Laura.  Reunions are always tear-jerkers.
Thank you Mikkael and Laura for everything that you do for those animals in need.  Thank you for allowing Ruby a spot in your heart and home.  We are furever grateful.

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