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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Powder-Puff Chinese Crested Gets Her Chance…

Mi Ling is a breeder-release.  Although never bred, and at 9 months of age, she was released to rescue, to Almost Home Foster/Rescue.  Mi Ling still lacked in human social skills; leery of the humans around her and what was wanted and expected of her.

Mi Ling, still a puppy, needed a family who could be at home with her, who could give her time to progress; to learn, to trust. Mi Ling needed a family that had the patience to allow her to acclimate to her surroundings and environment and she needed love…lots of love.

Kay and Arlyn had lost their little Chinese Crested to complications from a stroke.  Their emotions were still raw.  They had all this pent-up love to give.  They wanted Mi Ling in the worst way; they were ready for a fur-baby.

We made the trip to Western Wisconsin, to the home of Arlyn and Kay.  Arlyn is a quiet, gentle soul.  Words are not his strong suit.  But, when Mi Ling entered the home, he reached down over the arm of his chair and lifted Mi Ling up and into his lap.  She immediately settled in.  She was content.  She didn’t shake.  She wasn’t nervous.  She was with her dad and she felt at home.

Both Kay and Arlyn wore their emotions on their shirt sleeves.  Their hearts were full.  Mi Ling was home and their hearts began to heal.  Rescue works both ways sometimes.

Thank you Kay and Arlyn for opening your hearts and home to Mi Ling.  We are furever grateful.




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