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Once Abandoned, Shot at, Unloved and Unwanted, Ollie Finds His Furever Family in Minnesota

Ollie, originally from West Virginia, a state where animal cruelty laws may be on the books, but are rarely enforced, escaped a cruel and horrific lifestyle and headed to Minnesota where he found in furever home and family.  Ollie was taken in by Foster Momma Kayla Dillow in Beaver West Virginia.  Ollie was vetted and transport was secured to Almost Home Foster/Rescue in Minnesota.  Ollie was a transport favorite amongst all the drivers.

After arriving, Ollie underwent one more vetting procedure – to remove the birdshot that located in his ear.  Someone had shot Ollie.  Even though he was just looking for a safe place, maybe to find something to drink or a friendly human.

Last weekend Ollie made his way to the NW metro area of Minneapolis where he found his Furever mom and dad, Carrie and Paul.  The lose of their recent furbaby left a huge hole in their hearts and although they looked for another to fill the hole, they just couldn’t find what they were looking for; that is until they saw Ollie’s posting and photo.

A structured routine, a stay at home momma and playdates with the neighboring dogs are all a part of his new life.  His days are filled with cuddles and love.  A truly deserving and fitting lifestyle for this little guy who stole so many hearts…including mine.

Thank you, Carrie and Paul, for opening your hearts and home to this once neglected, abused boy.  We are furever grateful.








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