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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

One Individual’s Trash is Another’s Treasure! Bobby is Loved and Cherished

“Does anyone want this male Chihuahua?  Let me know ASAP pls!!!”

We all know what this can, and probably will lead to – and usually, nothing good.  Bobby, a one-year old male Chihuahua was being given away “free.”  Just come and get him, ANYONE…. “pls!!”

Patti Vournazos Richardson was contacted and asked to take him.  Patti is currently the adoption coordinator at your local animal shelter.  She sent a photo of Bobby to Almost Home Foster & Rescue.  “He’s only a year…6#.  Interested?”    ABSOLUTELY!

Vetting was started and Scott Playle, our trusted Furbaby Escort Extraordinaire was contacted.  He was heading to Minnesota within the week… “soon enough for ya’ Di?”

We already had an approved application on file for a little Chihuahua.  We contacted Gayle and Jeff with Bobby’s particulars.  Were you interested?  Their response, “How soon can he come home?”

Jeff and Gayle had their mind set that they wanted to adopt a “rescue.”   We took Bobby to meet Gayle, Jeff, their granddaughter – Alexis, and his new fur-brother Buddy.  They marveled at how easy AHFK made the adoption process.  They were ecstatic the Bobby was quick to help train Buddy, a newly acquired adoptee from a facility.  Updates and photos were received even before we made it back home.  “Thank you Dianne.  Buddy and Bobby are adapting well.  Thank you so much for our new child.”

Thank you, Gayle, Jeff, and Alexis for opening your hearts and home to Bobby.  Thank you for giving him the family that he so richly deserves.  Heart Hugs!



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