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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

His Majesty, Shadow, Found His Castle – Complete with Family

In just 2 short years, Shadow experienced more changes, challenges, and moves than any other would experience in a lifetime.  His original owner had to leave, and Shadow couldn’t go with him.  Shadow moved in with his owner’s mother.  There were so many others there, kids and more dogs.  Then, his human grandma lost her job, and she could no longer care for Shadow.

Shadow’s new caretaker then contacted a local rescue in North Dakota, Lorri Stoltz.  Could she help secure a family and home for Shadow.  He deserved a home and family; one that could and would care for him, one that would love him.  Lorri posted Shadow, and together arrangements were made to move Shadow to Almost Home Foster & Rescue in Minnesota.

It didn’t take long for the applications to come in.  Shadow was looking for a home with a fenced yard, a pet-parent who worked from home or who was retired.  Shadow was looking for a home where he could be King of His Castle.  Shadow needed to be pampered and he needed to be the center of one’s attention.

Thank you, Donn and Cindy, for opening your hearts and home to Shadow.  Thank you for giving him the home and family that he so rightfully deserves.

We are furever grateful…Heart hugs!

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