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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Momma Marley was Dumped at an Ohio Shelter with her Two Babies; Now She is Living the Good Life

Momma Marley and two of her three babies were dumped at Scioto County Animal Shelter in Portsmouth OH.  Lucky for Momma and her furbabies, Patti Richardson, Adoption Coordinator for the county shelter, and AHFK Foster Momma, was able to pull this little family and take them home.  Patti then contacted Almost Home Foster/Rescue.  Patti and Rick were able to foster this family until Scott Playle was able to transport the family from the Cincinnati OH area to Albert Lea MN…to rescue.
Jorge and Mary had previously had a meet and greet with Marley.  They knew the scent-o-meter that these little Beagles have and their innate ability to glom onto the scent and stay with it.  Jorge asked if we could hold onto Marley until they could fence their yard, ensuring that Marley would always have a safe home.
Last weekend, Momma went home.  Marley takes morning and late evening walks with her dad, hangs out with her momma during the day, and she keeps her nose busy in the securely, fenced back yard, sniffing, and baying and just being a Beagle.
Thank you, Jorge and Mary, for opening your hearts and home to Marley.
We are furever grateful.

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