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Miss Ellie Finds a Bully of a Good Home and Family

Ellie, Nora, and Bubba, three English Bulldogs made their way to Almost Home Foster & Rescue when they were retired from breeding.  All three received inquiries and applications.  All three found their furever homes and families in short order.

Miss Ellie, an AHFK favorite, had personality and spunk.  We laughed as she chased Beagles, more agile and quicker than she, around the kitchen island.  She made us giggle with her facial responses when asked if she needed a bath; her little tough-gal stomps and submissive roll-overs.  This 6 year old English Bulldog was discovering just how exciting and fun life could be.

Miss Ellie found her home and family this past weekend.  Nicholas and Elizabeth are no strangers to adopting rescue furbabies, or with understanding the patience, time, love that is required.  They just get it.

Miss Ellie was also greeted by a big brother, Waffles, and the two took to the large, fenced yard immediately.  Miss Ellie looked around in awe at this wonderful family and home that she now called her own.

Thank you, Nicholas and Elizabeth, for opening your hearts and home to Ellie.  Thank you for giving her everything that she deserves…a family.

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