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Nora Bully-Stomped Her Way into the Hearts of Her Furever Family

Ellie, Nora, and Bubba, three English Bulldogs made their way to Almost Home Foster & Rescue when they were retired from breeding.  All three received inquiries and applications.  All three found their furever homes and families in short order.

Nora, the smallest of the three, also had the least amount of confidence of the three.  She refused to walk, it wasn’t because she couldn’t, she just didn’t want to.  So every day we would carry Nora up and the stairs to her outdoor yard and then back down again.  Nora was bully stubborn.  She would stomp, shake her head, and she could give one the best bully attitude.  At three years of age, she was by far the most spoiled of them all.  And so, we carried Nora wherever she needed to go.

Interest and applications came in for Nora, from Colorado, Nebraska, Washington and, of course Minnesota.  We processed the applications and found what we considered to be the ideal home and family for Nora.

Nora also went home this past weekend.  I lugged her out of the car and set her on the grass.  I attempted to take her for a walk before meeting her new family; she would have none of that.  Dana came out to meet us, as did the neighbor with a little Yorkie.  Nora was on her feet and ready for play.  After a few moments, Dana brought our Rocko and then Snowball, Nora’s two fur-brothers.  Nora was on her feet and ready for play.  She walked, YES, walked to the back yard.  The rest is history…She walked into her new home, on her own.  I guess if one listens, one will figure out what these fur-kids are telling us.  I truly believe Nora was telling me that she was good…she was home.

Thank you, Daryl and Dana, for opening your hearts and home to Nora, for giving her the life, the family, the home she deserves.


We are furever grateful.

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