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Dianne Snater
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Michelle Finds a Whole New World and Family…

Imagine living nearly 85% of your life behind bars.  It doesn’t matter how old, or how young one is.  85% is a lifetime.  Michelle was incarcerated in a Virginia Animal Shelter for 85% of her young life.  She was only 2 years of age, but she had lived behind bars for over 20 months.  Those crucial learning years, the years, and months that she should have been learning how to play, how to socialize, not only with other dogs, but with humans as well.  She lost out on the early training years.  She lost out on a lot of which life and love had to offer.

Almost Home Foster & Rescue was tagged by Pamela Rosenthal.  Could we help get her out.  There was a hound rescue located in Oregon who specialized in hounds, and they wanted Michelle.  Arrangements were made with the ACO of the shelter.  Pleas for fosters and help to finish Michelle’s vetting were made.  Gail Asher stepped up, found a foster and together with TC Michelle Zdybicki, Michelle broke free of the bars and headed to Minnesota, to Almost Home Foster & Rescue.

This past weekend, Michelle continued her journey to the West Coast, to her furever home and dad.  Rod has already made it known that she is home.  That Michelle has found her furever home and family.

Thank you, Rod, for giving this girl the opportunity to experience love, life, and freedom.  We are furever grateful.

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