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Dianne Snater
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Archie Completes His Family…

Archie…one could write a book about this boy.  Archie came to Almost Home Foster & Rescue in January 2023.  Yep, 15 months ago.  Archie was found as an abandoned, dumped Beagle, roaming the Oceana WV area, eating whatever he could to sustain life.  Ronya Akers of Paw Patrol Rescue was able to secure Archie; ensuring he would be safe until another rescue could be found, one that would move him away from this WV location.

Upon vetting, it was discovered that Archie had a damaged trachea, one conducive to being kicked or hit in the throat.  So, not only was he dumped and left to fend for himself, Archie was also physically abused and neglected.  Archie needed the perfect family.  Archie needed love, soft hands, belly rubs, encouragement, and a soft bed and a home with big hearts and time to give.

Well, today Archie arrived home.  Today, Archie completed his coast-to-coast trip and landed along Route 101, the coastline highway of California.  Today, Archie joined Pedderick and Deborah, completing their family.

Pedderick and Deborah have spent weeks preparing for Archie’s arrival.  Weather and mountain passes placed some delays, but the skies lightened, the god’s smiled, and Archie is now home.  Archie’s reaction is one that tells us all…he knew, he just knew that these were his people, and they would provide.

Thank you Pedderick and Deborah for opening your hearts and home to Archie.  Thank you for giving him everything that he deserves…YOU!

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