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I’m Getting My Dog a Dog!

Gus-topher, an AHFK Alumni finally got his baby-sister.


Gus was adopted 3 years ago from Almost Home Foster by Krissa and Ciara.  The hunt for a sister began almost immediately, but Gus had developed some cancerous growths and well, a new addition was put on the back burner.


Gus’ last surgery was a success.  The margins were clean.  Krissa and Ciara began their search again.   However, Gus would be the one to give the final approval…


Jess, nka Gurty, was incarcerated in a Kentucky animal shelter; no place for a Beagle, especially in Kentucky.  The ACO of Henderson County called Almost Home Foster Kennels.  Her stray hold was up.  She had been at the shelter for two weeks.  Her date for euthanasia had been set.  “Was there any chance that we could make room?  She is an absolute sweetheart.  You will love her and she will make a great family member.”


Scott Playle, Beagle transporter and lifelong friend, committed to bringing her to Minnesota on his next trip.  She would arrive that next Wednesday.  Vetting was complete and Jess was on the road.


Krissa and Ciara saw the arrival posting of Jess.  “That’s the one.  That is Gus-topher’s sister right there.  Yep, she has a family; she is one of us.  I am getting my dog a dog!”


In short order, Jess has claimed the hearts and home of Krissa and Ciara, not to mention Gus is a little smitten with her also.


Thank you Krissa and Ciara for extending your AHFK family.  Thank you for giving this little girl a family, a home, a life.


Heart hugs always.

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