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Another Cross-Country Trek for Another South Carolina Hound


Boone was incarcerated at the Colleton County Animal Shelter in Walterboro SC.  This facility can safely house 69 dogs.  At the time that we pulled Boone from his jail cell, the inmate count had reached 125 residents.  125 dogs confined in a space to hold half as much.  There was nothing that could be done.  Dogs were being surrendered and picked up by the ACO faster than rescues could pull or adopters adopt.  The director had to pick who would be saved and who would be euthanized.  Boone’s stray hold was up a long time ago, however, the shelter took pride in networking their animals and keeping the “kill rate” low.  Now, there was no alternative.

Almost Home Foster & Rescue was contacted by Pamela Rosenthal, founder of Rescue for North Bay Beagles, no longer in operation.  However, Pamela never lost the love of rescue, and more importantly, NEVER lost the love for the Hound breed.  We had previously worked together to pull Boone, but at that time, the moon wasn’t aligned, the cards didn’t fall where they may, and we couldn’t secure Boone.  This time, however, the stars lined up, the cards were dealt and Boone was pulled, transported to a temporary foster, vetted and readied for his first journey to Minnesota, to Almost Home Foster & Rescue where he would spend a week before continuing onto Oregon.

Last Friday morning, Boone set out from Minnesota and would spend the next three days on the road, continuing his journey to Pamela.  It was during this time that Pamela secured a remarkable adopter for Boone.  This boy was pampered, loved, and every whim and want was attended to.  Boone made his way to Corvallis Oregon, arriving Sunday night.  On Monday, his new human momma drove from Washington State to Corvallis OR to pick him up.

On Tuesday morning, we received our first PUPDATE:

“Boone is settling in nicely!  He slept great is eating and pooping normally, yay!  Pogo loves him and they connected right away.  They are exactly the same size!

We already love him so much!  He has done two 2 miles walks and is already getting better on the leash.

Thanks again for this amazing pup!



A HUGE shout-out to all of the drivers, the overnighters, the fosters, and to Transport Coordinator Michelle Zdybicki for getting this boy, literally, cross-country.  To Tracy Johnson in Omaha, you literally saved this run.  We were down to the wire with two legs to fill in the middle of Nebraska.  Tracy drove Boone from Omaha to North Platte, overnighted with Boone in a hotel, and the next morning, drove another two legs to Kimball NE.  She literally drove 16+ hours, round trip, and spent her own monies on gas and a hotel.  Taking nothing from the rescue for compensation.





















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