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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Tiny Tim Tip-Toes into the Hearts of His Furever Family

Tip-Toe through the Tulips with Me….
A favorite song amongst many. Tiny Tim, musician, singer and songwriter back in the day cannot outshine Almost Home Foster MN License #132328‘s Tiny Tim, who managed to tip-toe past the backyard garden gate, and into the hearts of Brian and Andrea and their family.
Brian and Andrea had been longing and looking for another furbaby to add to their family. It took mere seconds for this family to fall in love with this little breeder-release Cavapoo.
Tiny Tim found his furever home and family, complete with human siblings and a fur-sibling. Tiny Tim won’t be tip-toe’ing an longer as this little boy has established his garden.
Thank you Brian and Andrea for opening your hearts and home to Tim. Thank you for giving him the family that he deserves.

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