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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Threes Company as Rita Joins an Already Family of Pugs.

In continuing with our All Dog’s Lives Matter campaign; to find great homes and families for those that have been surrendered, released, dumped, or neglected and those confiscated by officials…yes, we have those as well, we found the perfect home for Rita, complete with stay-at-home pet parents and two fur-siblings, Apricot Pugs.


Rita is a dark, Chocolate, Brindle Pug who stands out in stark contrast to her newly acquired fur-siblings.  And that’s okay as she now feels that she is the most visible amongst them!


Thomas and Mark were looking to complete their family with another Pug, an absolute favorite breed with them.  They were quick to submit their application when Rita became available. And last weekend, Rita continued her journey to her furever home and family.  She was immediately welcomed into this family and accepted by all.


Thank you, Thomas and Mark, for opening your hearts and home to Rita, for giving her a chance and a family.


Heart Hugs!

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