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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Miracles Do Happen…Tito Goes Home!

Nope, this is not a photo dump. This is the story and the happily ever after of Tito.
Tito, scared, semi-feral, a fear biter was incarcerated at the Northampton County Animal
Shelter in Jackson NC.
Tito was listed as “Urgent.” At any time, after his stray hold was up, he could be euthanized. Because he could not be touched, petted, handled or picked up, Tito’s prognosis was not good. He was labeled as “rescue only.” With that, his chances of getting out were slim to none. What foster would be able to take him on, to give him space, yet show him that he was loved and wanted?
Almost Home Foster MN License 132328 contacted AHFK Foster Momma Donna Williams. Donna lives an hour from the shelter. She brought him home and began letting him decompress. Tito, however, didn’t progress as we wished he would; he just wouldn’t let his guard down. We outfitted him with all the travel necessities to keep him safe and secure, and to ensure our drivers were not at risk.
Flashback: a year ago, Ranger, aka RJ was found, dumped in the middle of a 600-acre field. The landowners and finders kept him safe, posting to locate his family. No one came forward to claim him. AHFK committed to him, brought him to Minnesota and found him a wonderful home and family with Eddy and Maria. At that time, they expressed that they had always had two dogs in the past and when the time was right and RJ felt secure enough with their family, they would add another.
Tito wasn’t at the AHFK rescue home for a week when we heard from Eddy and Maria. Each evening, Eddy and Maria take a long walk together with RJ. They talk of their day, their events, their dreams, their thoughts. “So, did you see the posting on Tito?” Maria began. “I did,“ responded Eddy. Maria began again, “So, what did you think of him?” “It’s time to bring him home, Maria. Let’s bring him home,” responded Eddy.
Tito and I made the trip North yesterday; a nine-hour round-trip event for me. Tito met RJ, his new brother, found that he has an open door to a fenced back yard and two parents that simply adore him.
Updates were coming in even before I got back home.
Today, Tito was leashed up and took a long Father’s Day walk with his new furever family and his fur-brother RJ. RJ even brought one of Tito’s new toys along to show him all the great burying spots. (The neighbors find them all and bring them back; only to be buried again.) Tito even had his first encounter exploring their lake front property.
Tito was a transport favorite by all. Tito’s story is proof-positive that every dog has a family out there. Some may take longer than others, but love, time, patience, and compassion will always prevail.
Thank you, Eddy and Maria, you are our Saints. You give meaning to furever family. We are incredibly grateful for you; you have opened your hearts and home to yet another deserving soul. We can all rest easy knowing that Tito has nothing but the best.
Heart hugs always!

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