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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Max Gets a New Beginning in Virginia with a New Family Member!

Max came to Almost Home Foster & Rescue as an Owner/Surrender.  His human-poppa had passed, and momma was unable to provide Max with everything that he needed.  AHFK was contacted and asked if we could take him in and find him a furever home and family.  We do our best when the furbaby is in our own backyard, and Max was.
There was a silver lining to this story though.  His human-momma’s sister wanted Max; however, she lived 20 hours away.  Flying Max was not an option.  Phone calls were made.  References were checked.  Transport Coordinator, Michelle Zdybicki was notified and asked, “how soon” and “can we do this?”
The answer was yes and immediately.  This past weekend, with the aid of 15 drivers and a Doggie B & B overnight, Max made it to the coast of VA where he met up with his new, furever momma Susan.
Thank you, Susan and Peggy, for giving Almost Home Foster and Rescue the opportunity to get Max home.  Thank you for keeping him with family.

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