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His Majesty Finds His Furever Castle and Family

Xander was released from breeding the Summer of 2023. Initially, Xander did well at Almost Home Foster & Rescue. But, with the ever-changing pup-faces, new intakes and those that left through adoption, Xander became stressed. It was apparent that Xander needed a home. His home. A home where he was King of his Castle.

Carol Juelfs, a groomer by trade, one who raised Whippets for competition and show, asked if she could foster Xander until his furever family was found. Xander lived with Carol for 4 months. She worked with Xander on his anxiety issues, and even had him certified to visit nursing homes and health care facilities, bringing joy and smiles to the residents.

Xander found his furever home and family this month. A 4 hour drive took us “Up Nort” to God’s country. Xander’s family is familiar with the Boston Terrier breed, desired an adult, older pupper and Vicki also trains and is dog-certified to visit the health care facilities. Xander, nka, AleXander, found his Castle. He found his furever family.

Thank you, Steve and Vicki, for opening your heart and castle to Xander; thank you for giving him everything that he so richly deserves. We are furever grateful. 

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1 thought on “His Majesty Finds His Furever Castle and Family”

  1. OMG I’m so happy Xander finally found a home! We adopted Scarlett who I think came from the same breeder last fall. I’ve been watching Xander hoping someone would adopt him. Glad he finally found a family!

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