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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Gracie: By God’s Grace, She is Home.

Gracie in one lucky little girl.  Sometimes one has to be in the right place at the right time; even if that “right” place could cost one his or her life.  Gracie was found, lying on the centerline of Interstate 64 near Beaver WV.  Too afraid to move, she laid there.  A semi tractor-trailer whisked by her, mere inches from ending her life.  Gracie stayed and by the grace of God; hence her name, and a Great Samaritan who stopped to help, Gracie was spared and given another chance at life.

The individual who stopped, who braved the traffic and the imminent danger of the Interstate, scooped up Gracie and headed for a place where she would be safe, taken care of , and who could find her rescue.  She took Gracie to Kayla and Matt Dillow’s home.

Almost Home Foster MN Lic. 132328 was contacted and asked if we could help.  Kayla suspected that she had been on her own for quite a while.  She was extremely thin, and fur and hair were woven throughout her teeth; she had been eating road-kill to stay alive.

Gracie was vetted; vaccinated, spayed, received a dental and started gaining weight.  Gracie was at long last going to be okay; she was going to make it.  She was going to get her chance at a rich and deserving life.

Jean and Robert had contacted AHFK previously.  They were looking for a senior Beagle; a Beagle who needed them, who needed a home and family.  Gracie struck it rich.  She hit the mother-lode.  She struck gold.

This past Monday, Gracie made her way into the hearts of Jean and Robert.  Gracie went home.  Gracie gained a family, a home, a fenced yard to keep her safe, but more than anything else; she has the chance to live life as it should have always been.

Thank you, Robert and Jean, for opening your hearts and home to Gracie.  Thank you for being her saving Grace.



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