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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

From Trailer Trash to Treasured Family Member

Nikki was discovered living under an abandoned trailer in Summersville WV.  She was found with a litter of pups.  Nicholas County Animal Shelter’s ACO contacted Almost Home Foster/Rescue and asked if we had room for momma; the pups had all been adopted upon intake.


AHFK has phenomenal fosters located in WV.  All it took was to reach out to Foster Momma Terri, and a foster was secured.  Nikki was then vetted and readied for transport to Minnesota.


This past Sunday Nikki made her way into to the hearts and home of Scott and Tracy.  Tracy is a “work from home” pet parent, and Scott works directly across the street from their home.  He is the Pastor of their church.  Nikki will never be abandoned again…If mom has to leave, dad can take Nikki to work with him.


Nikki was comfortable from the get-go with Scott and Tracy.  But, what dog wouldn’t be?  Tracy pulled out a large basket filled with toys and chew bones upon Nikki’s arrival.  She was going to  be the pampered pooch!  And, rightfully so!


Thank you, Scott and Tracy, for seeing the diamond in this rough.  Thank you for opening your hearts and home to this deserving soul.

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